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Registered Supplier: Anticorrosion Treatments, Anticorrosion, Metal Recovery

Registered Supplier: Anticorrosion Treatments, Anticorrosion, Metal Recovery,

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  • Type of item
  • Keyword Anticorrosion Treatments, Anticorrosion, Metal Recovery


  • Title in english Anticorrosion Treatments
  • Description in english Reinnor offers anticorrosion treatments in Spain, especially for treatments of metallic surfaces exposed to physical-chemical agents, which are highly corrosive.
  • Title in first language Recubrimientos Anticorrosivos
  • Description in first language Empresa dedicada a la industria de Tratamientos y recubrimientos anticorrosivos de piezas. Somos especialistas en el tratamiento de piezas deterioradas por el uso o el paso del tiempo, aplicando nuestros tratamientos de recubrimientos mediante la metalización.


  • Sector Industry
  • Branch BUILDING
  • Branch Area Reconstruction/Renovation
  • Location Spain, Oquendo

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