leveret direkte til kunden



we arte offering dedicated transportation services across Danmark and Europa. 

Our vehicles and stuff are able to offer our customers the best solution within road transportation. 

We are also cooperating with others shipping companies that provides sea- and airfright solutions so your product is in god hand all the way. 

Supply Chain Issue

If you have urgent need to delivery your  package, we can offer an express solution. 24/7 no matter what day it is.  We can as well take care of a part of delivery - logistic solution when time is more than everything..

We are there for you, so call for more informations.

Flexible Delivery in time

It is our honor to carry out our work in the best possible way and in the time. 

We are live-tracking our cars during whole transportation and we can provide you not only information where ist your package, but when it comes.

Additionally we can make an individuall appointment befor we come. 

Boost your service

If you are looking for supporting tractors unit or lorries with the serviceminded staff, we can offer your the time basis or days basis vehicle to disposal. 

We do also provide all necessary support such as time/break, weight and and the technical  requirements, to ensure smooth transportation from A to B.

Car Solution /

manageable prices

We are offering both small and big vehicles with capacity from 1m3 to 36 tons with managables prices: 

Express solutions - up to 13m3 - 1250 kg standard price 350 dkk/time excl VAT- or by appointment

Tractor unit (1 mand) with hydraulic up to 60 tons -500dkk/time excl VAT - or by appointment

without hidden costs!